1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback






We have the Barracuda up on the Whirly Jig.  We will start priming the undercarriage in the next week.

Here are the pictures of the car set up on the Whirly Jig.  Now we can turn the car over and finish removing the brake lines, fuel lines, exhaust hangers and emergency brake cables and then clean all the areas that could not be blasted because these parts were still on the car.

The Whirly Jig sure makes it very easy - you can turn the car over with one hand!!  We installed long leg braces (2" pipe, 20' long) as instructed.  This makes it easy to move the car to any location in the shop. 

Because of the motor size and horse power, we wanted to be sure that the frame did not twist.  So we installed frame rail connectors (2" square tubing, 12 gauge, approx 44" long 2 each).

Setting up and marking for frame rail connectors. (see arrow)

  Frame rail installed, prior to welding.  Remember...measure twice, cut once!!!

  Frame rail connectors installed and welded on both ends.

This picture shows the under-side of the car after we primed it with the primer. 

We installed the two 6" wheels on one end and using floor jack on the other end, jacked up the assembly and rolled outside for painting.

We received the paint from BASF Paint and painted the undercarriage.

Here is the Stainless Steel Gas Tank.  Doesn't it look GREAT!?!

Now, here is the gas tank installed.  It is so shiny that it is picking up reflections from the black & white tiles on the shop floor.

Here is a picture of the Fuel Filter (BG5000) and Electric Fuel Pump (BG220) after we installed them on the car.

 Received the car lift today. This will make all the underneath work a lot easier!  Here is a picture of the Barracuda up on the lift.


We received all 4 fender trim pieces, body plugs, and other assorted items for the car