1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback

Rear End 


Removal & Build Up


Out with the old 8-3/4 Rear End


The new Rear End just arrived.

Brand new DANA 60 completely assembled for our 1968 Plymouth Barracuda, complete with Strange 35 Spline Axles with 5-41/2 bolt circle, new Spicer 3.54 gear ratio, Spicer Traclock Posi, new 1350 series yoke, all new Timken Bearings and Seals.


Here are the pics of putting the Rear End together.  We just need the basics so we can put wheels & tires on and take it to the paint shop to get it painted.



We needed a Rear End cover with more capacity.  So we chose PML. Ours has a black wrinkle finish and polished fins with a 1-quart extra capacity.

Here is a picture of the Rear End cover after we installed it on the Cuda.  It is reflecting off of the polished Stainless Steel gas tank.


Rear Wheels 

15 x 8 with 4-1/4" Backspacing.  Will look GREAT with the matching Steering Wheel (see Interior page) and Ghost Flames on front fenders.

Rear Tires  TA Radials  295-15 x 50


We are going to change the Rear-End set-up from Leaf Springs to Ladderbar Kit with Coil-Over Shocks.  

Received the Ladderbar Kit.  Laid out all the parts and took all measurements that are needed.

  • Welded brackets onto Rear End housing
  • Measured for location of Front Ladderbar support and Drive Shaft loop.
  • Welded Brackets for Front Ladderbar support onto the frame.
  • Installed the Ladderbars
  • Welded the Panhard Bar brackets on the Rear End and Frame.

Rear Coil-Over Suspension. The Pro Coil-Over conversion system is a complete kit put together to convert the rear suspension of any car equipped with shocks to Coil-Over.

Received the Rear Coil-Over Suspension kit.  

  • Welded brackets onto Rear End for lower Coil-Over.
  • Welded upper cross-member and brackets for top of Coil-Over
  • Installed transition brackets from the Rear End to the Coil-Overs.
  • Installed Coil-Over springs onto shocks
  • Installed Shocks onto the brackets


Rear Disc Brake assembly.

  • Laid out all the parts and instruction booklet
  • Removed axels from the Dana 60 Rear End. 
  • Installed new bearing retainer
  • Re-Installed axel into housing
  • Installed disc brake adapter
  • Installed dust shield
  • Installed brackets for caliper to bolt to
  • Installed new rotors
  • Installed new calipers and brake pads


Just about ready to get the wheels and tires mounted.

Got the rear "Fire" wheels and tires mounted.  Don't they look great?!?!

  Need to adjust rear coil-overs now that we have put the tires on. 


Here are a couple of pictures showing how the car looks with all four wheels & tires.