1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback





We installed the original wing glass rubber, which was still in great shape, as that item is not being remanufactured.  We then installed the rear window rubber and felt. As soon as the outside mirrors arrive and are installed, we will then install the driver and passenger rubber and felt and the windows.

We painted and primed the headlight buckets and installed them with a new screw kit.

Once that was done, we put in the new Halogen headlights.

We sent the rear tail light assemblies to have them re-chromed.  Here is a picture of them after we got them back.

We cleaned all the lenses, then reassembled and reinstalled the tail lights in the car.

After installing the custom-made gas tank, we had to re-plumb the gas filler neck to the existing fuel fill.  We used 2" stainless steel tubing and 90 degree elbows; heli-arched together and joined to existing neck with 2" rubber hose for vibration.  Here is a picture of it located in the trunk (before we installed the floor cover).



The original two pieces of trunk trim were so badly beaten up and bent that we decided to make our own from Stainless Steel.  We started with  1/8" stainless steel flat bar, bent it to the same angles as the original trim, cut it in the middle so we could get the two different angles on the trunk, then heli-arc welded the two pieces back together.  We did a test fit on both the top and bottom pieces to be sure that they were going to fit properly.  Once we were sure of the fit, we drilled and tapped the bars for threaded studs.  Then we welded the studs in place and polished them.  They turned out SO sharp!!  We did have to adjust the tension on the trunk springs because of the extra weight of the stainless.  But that was easy.




The door latch assembly was regular steel.  Because we have customized so many items on the car, we decided to make the door latch assembly out of stainless steel.  Here are two pictures of the driver side.