1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback


We have ordered a Stainless Steel Tilt Steering Column.  We should have it in a few days, but here is a picture of what it will look like.

We are going to refinish the dash - paint it black & silver.  We have purchased new Dolphin Gauges to put into the dash insert.  We will also be putting a tachometer in the smaller hole.


   "Fire" Steering Wheel 

Aluminum Steering Wheel with half-wrap leather in Camel color.  Will look GREAT with  matching wheels. 


We are having the seats done in a buckskin colored tweed - should look great with the Flame Orange Pearlcoat!  Pictures will be coming as it progresses.

We will be installing electric power windows on the driver and passenger door windows. 

Here is our first picture of the interior items.  This picture is of the dash pads. The seats will be upholstered in the same material.

We have been working on the dash and adding some A/C vents.  Here is the dash with the dash pads in place.

We purchased the A/C and Heater unit at the Street Rod Nationals.  We installed the unit up under the dash and ran the lines to the bulkhead fittings. We still need to tie up the lines, but it is in place.

 Wiring the Dash and Steering Column

We have begun the task of installing the dash and steering column and wiring these items.  We received a complete wiring kit.  It includes a new fuse panel, all of the necessary color-coded and labeled wires, terminal ends, and even the electrical pliers to put the ends on.  This kit will make this a VERY easy operation to complete.

We started by mounting the fuse panel under the dash on the left kick panel. 

We then laid out the wires and ran the ones for the front of the car through the firewall, and the back wires towards the back of the car.  We then started the wiring for all the gauges underneath the dash.

The gauges we decided to use are Dolphin gauges with a white face.  They include electronic speedometer, tachometer, and four-gauges-in-one for Fuel, Oil, Water and Amp.

We continued wiring the other components under the dash for the radio, electric antenna, heater and A/C.

We installed the new stainless steel steering column and the new "Flame" steering wheel.  They look so sharp!!!

We then connected the wires from the steering column to the wires going to the fuse box.  With the steering column in place, we can get the correct measurement from the end of the spline to the new steering box spline.


  Picked up the seats today.  Because these bucket seats are not original, we had to make custom seat brackets to bolt to the existing holes in the floorboard.  We made these brackets from 1" stainless steel tubing and stainless flatstock.  We temporarily bolted the seats in place to get the proper fit.  


We purchased some High Temperature Thermal Blanketing for the floorboard and firewall which is good for up to 1800 degrees.  We also got Carpet Underlayment, which is a closed cell foam with vinyl backing.  It provides sound deadening and vibration dampening.  We installed both products.


 We discovered that we need new front glass because the old glass is starting to separate around the edges.  We purchased the new front glass.