Here we are getting started.  John is taking everything out of the interior so we can get the rest of the car Media-Blasted.


This is a pic of the dash.  Kind of rough.


This is the driver floor board.  As you can see, there is no rust!

Here is the trunk.  This is what we were worried about, but it is also rust free.

Here is the driver side after I removed the fender.  Need to blast inside there when we blast the interior.


Here is the front windshield with the glass removed.


The interior with the dash removed.


Need to remove the gas tank.  Will then be taking it to the blaster 

 - John removed the gas tank & straps, the front and rear shocks and the driver and passenger side window felt.  We are getting ready to go to the blaster on Friday!



This is the passenger floor board.  There is a little surface rust where the heater core must have leaked.  Should not be a problem to correct that.


Here is the floor board in the back seat area.  Also rust free.

Here is a picture of the engine bay without any wiring.  Looks pretty good.

Here is the passenger side without the fender.  This fender will have to be replaced as it has several small dents that would be too difficult to fix.  Looking for a good passenger fender.


Here is the back with the glass removed.


This is the stand we made to keep the windshield and back glass safe.