1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback

Blasting & Priming


As soon as we got to the shop, they started working on getting the car Acu-Stripped.  They taped up the side windows and vents to make sure they wouldn't get damaged and removed the trunk lid so they could Acu-Strip it and the surrounding areas completely. 

They Acu-Stripped all the window and door frames and other needed items on the top of the body and the engine compartment with soda.  They then set the car on four concrete filled drums so they could get to the road grime and undercoating underneath the car.  For this area, they used a different media, as the undercoating was sticky and difficult to come off. 

When they had finished the Acu-Strip process, they blew all the media out of all the cracks & crevices and reloaded the car on the trailer.  They did such a complete job.  It took them about 7 hours to complete.  But when they were done, it was VERY smooth.


Here are some pictures of the Acu-Strip in progress and the after-effects.